What’s in your (tap) water?

“The business almost shut down from the damage caused by mis-information. Fighting against the crisis in Flint, helping families protect themselves, that’s our mission, not having to correct the narrative put out there.”

Eric Roy, E81 – Knucklehead Podcast, when asked about a misleading Tweet from a high-level producer from MSNBC

Who remembers the Flint water crisis? How about the Newark water crisis?

Certainly you’ve heard of ABC’s Shark Tank, where entrepreneurs go pitch to a panel of sharks to gain equity or strategic partners for their business as well as educate the audience that watches the show. Eric Roy had been supporting child care centers and a few other mission critical organizations in Flint with a “customized water filter” to restrict harmful chemicals from contaminating those residents in Flint. He went onto Shark Tank and eventually struck a deal with Mark Cuban to help fuel the growth of their business and help communities throughout the country and help families protect themselves from harmful contaminants in our drinking water.

There are more cities with these challenges. There will be more of these stories that hit the press and the media outlets, if folks don’t take the time to get educated about their water and the infrastructure in their communities.

Learn more about Eric and check out more from the water nerds at Hydroviv:

Online: https://www.hydroviv.com/

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