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Jami Johnson, CPA – Owner, PJS & Co

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“Innovation isn’t found within a box.”

That comment caught my attention – then, she hit me with another one.

“We led with compliance in the beginning, then we stopped running ideas up the chain and started to be the change our clients needed by suggesting things outside the box.”

Jami believed that if she equipped her clients with the freedom to choose, they’d end up with a result that aligned with their intention. They may have worked for years to build their business, without specific knowledge into the tax liability they have been building at the same time. She set out to solve that problem.

Her passion for business was born out of observing her family build businesses at young age and her competitiveness helped make the risks that come with the territory seem like a challenge worth taking.

Jami Johnson, CPA
Working with a virtual CPA works well when your accountant thinks outside the box.

Think about how someone gains experience getting good at preparing taxes. They have to examine the numbers, the scenarios, and the mess that small business owners run into with their books and bring order and structure around that part of the business. It also doesn’t come without mistakes and screwups. The mindset needed was summed up very well by Jami:

Failure doesn’t define you, you let it refine you.

She found so many times there are questions that small business owners have where they need to curate material and find answers. CPA’s talk to each other and share resources that help build on their previous experiences and help make their service better. So, she and her firm decided to let you in on the conversation on her new podcast.

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