Knucklehead Podcast: Experiment Doesn’t Mean Start From Scratch, With Refine Labs CEO, Chris Walker

Knucklehead Podcast: Experiment Doesn’t Mean Start From Scratch, With Refine Labs CEO, Chris Walker



Going through a lot of experiments in figuring out the things that work and the things that don’t, Chris spends most of his time finding a measurable solution in bringing results to the business.

In today’s Knucklehead Podcast episode, Chris speaks about performance marketing, how he came up with a quantifiable outcome in generating leads, and why focusing on your audience and what helps them better can help in winning brand and awareness which leads people to actually buy from you.

Chris Walker is the CEO of Refine Labs. They help companies optimize their revenue model. Their Revenue Engine Optimization formula has been proven to accelerate business growth and new customer acquisition with a focus on pipeline velocity. The results are consistent and span across industries including medical devices, industrial, scientific, and health/wellness.


Favorite Quote:

“I made a big shift where I basically stopped believing in auditing all my assumptions on what I’d been taught about marketing. And so instead of just thinking about certain things, I would actually measure them and experiment with them.”

                                                                                                                        -Chris Walker

In this Episode:

2:43 – Understanding the concepts of performance marketing

5:16 – How Chris discovered social media as an awareness channel as opposed to an intent channel

14:20 – Significant ability he learned from his past work experience

16:38 – His advice on dealing with changes in business and market dynamics

19:52 – Getting in touch with Chris Walker

23:22 – How people perceive his service

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