Knucklehead Podcast: Episode 109 – Dan Swift, The Speed of Digital

Knucklehead Podcast: Episode 109 – Dan Swift, The Speed of Digital

It’s not an everyday experience in which an individual is brought onboard a prominent business service company and asked to develop a project from scratch. This was case of Dan Swift, founder and CEO of Empire Selling, this was the exact scenario that he found himself in when he was brought onboard LinkedIn in 2012 to help build their Launched Sales Navigator.

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From the beginning of his career in sales, Dan has been thrown off into the deep end in whatever work he has taken on. When he first started in sales, he was given a book with a litany of names and phone numbers to call, being told by his bosses to call and go from there to conduct sales despite having no idea of what to do. But it was through these experiences and failures that would ultimately lead Dan to being successful in his participation with multiple prominent companies such as LinkedIn and to now running his own business for the last two years.

Dan now teaches clients through Empire Selling by packaging 20 years worth of hard earned experiences into a prescripted process to teach those within the sales world to become successful. As Dan notes, becoming successful is not an overnight process that he experienced but the hard earned wisdom through plenty of failures he has dealt with that led him to where he is now with Empire Selling. This business serves to not only to become successful at sales, but to bring a humanized process while doing so.

Check out this podcast episode of Dan Swift where he talks about his Knucklehead moment of going around certain individuals to make a sale as a junior manager to hustling to build a business in the midst of Hurricane Sandy.

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