Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 162: The Influence of Words, with Jonah Larkin

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 162: The Influence of Words, with Jonah Larkin

There are few things in this world that are as powerful as words. They can be used to build relationships and make a change, but also have the potential to create a negative impact on people. Words are so powerful that they are capable of affecting not only those around us but also our own lives. How can we protect ourselves from the negative effects of words and harness the positive power of language?

In today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, Jonah Larkin talks about the influence his father’s words had on his mindset as an entrepreneur, what it takes to deal with some potentially life-threatening situations, and how he applied the lessons he learned from his experiences to become a leadership coach today.

Jonah Larkin is a combination of an executive coach and a life coach with expertise in mindfulness, communication, interpersonal dynamics, and entrepreneurship while still maintaining your health and well-being. He helps founders, executives and those in the helping professions create higher levels of self-mastery.


In This Episode

3:18 – What Jonah holds onto when facing difficult situations

6:16 – How he developed an entrepreneurial mindset

10:38 – Jonah’s biggest screw up as an entrepreneur

12:18 – How he overcame the thought of “I don’t know how to make money”

15:50 – What Jonah did to change his mindset about money

21:00 – Why going out and simply doing things outside of a framework is also valuable

26:18 – How Jonah deals with some potentially life-threatening situations

27:52 – Why ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’

30:23 – Listening as a fundamental tool for solving problems

Favorite Quotes

10:48 – “I grew that company into about a $5 million company, sold it and I was 32 years old. And within five years I had burned through all of that money through some poor investments, through not paying attention to it. And I got into a position where I was convinced that I was a horrible business person and that I didn’t know how to make money.” – Jonah Larkin

13:34 – “What I realized was that the imprinting that I got from my dad, who’s very suspicious of people with money and would always talk down to me about people with money, I realized that I had this internal program that I thought that if I had money, my father wouldn’t love me. And so I had to act that out until I had no more.” – Jonah Larkin

22:24 – “There’s something about coming up rubbing against those areas of fear that I just find so life-affirming that I can’t stop doing it. It’s because if you’re too afraid of death, you’re never going to live.” – Jonah Larkin

22:47 – “You have to understand that there’s only one way out of this place. And so you might as well live as best you can. I can say that to anybody, but it’s up to each of us to learn that for ourselves.” – Jonah Larkin

30:33 – “I think this (listening) is super important not just in business but life in general. When we are listening to not be preparing what I’m going to say while I’m listening to you, that if we can all get to that point where I can listen and I can repeat back what I heard from you and you can verify what it is and if you can do the same with me, I’m telling you we can solve all our problems.” – Jonah Larkin

31:09 – “It doesn’t matter where I am politically or you are, politically.  I guarantee you if we’re different, there’s a huge part of those Venn diagrams where you and I agree. So it’s an understanding of being able to meet each other as human beings.” – Jonah Larkin

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