Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 158: How to Empower your Ideas with Maria Brito.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 158: How to Empower your Ideas with Maria Brito.

The world of art is a place where anyone can be themselves. Some people are born with a creative spark in them, others need to learn how to be creative by practice. Regardless of the circumstances, creativity applies not just to art but also to business and life in general. Being able to create innovative ideas that are relevant to today can make you stand out, thrive, and survive.

In today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, Maria Brito talks about the business side of creative arts. She will speak about the mistake she made at the beginning of her business and what she learned from it, the customs and traditions of the art industry, and why artistic talent should not be confused with creativity.

Her advice:

  • Never underestimate the power of your ideas and what you have inside of you.

Maria Brito is the CEO at Maria Brito, LLC, an award-winning New York-based contemporary art advisor, author, and curator. She has a demonstrated history of more than a decade working in the fine arts industry developing more than one hundred private and corporate art collections.

In This Episode

3:08 – The foundation of Maria’s works

6:30 – What attracted her to the world of creative arts

7:15 – The biggest mistake she made at the beginning of her art business and what she learned from it

17:12 – Why listening to your intuition can save you from failure

21:14 – The customs and traditions of the art industry

24:01 – How tech companies and social media have monopolized innovation and creativity

28:05 – Why artistic talent should not be confused with creativity

37:58 – What makes the book ‘How Creativity Rules the World’ a great read for everyone

Favorite Quotes

“We are all in the business of life. And in the business of life, we’re all going to find stumbling blocks and things like that. And we’re going to make mistakes and we are going to screw up.”- Maria Brito

“There is no creativity without failure.”- Maria Brito

“What drew me to art is the idea of me being in a space with very creative people and fun people and doing things that actually meant something to me.” – Maria Brito

“You have to listen to your intuition because it’s always right. What is wrong is our interpretation. Humans tend to have a lot of filters and processes by which we analyze the signals outside the world. And we decide how we interpret those signals and what kind of value we want to assign to them.” – Maria Brito

“We live right now in the era of the great resignation. People are fleeing jobs because they want to do their own things. And that is important because the business of America is business.” – Maria Brito

“Creativity is your unique and special ability to come up with ideas of value that are original and that are relevant for today.” – Maria Brito

“If we have people who are out in the world, creating new products, new services, and new ways of doing things, we will always have employment. We will always have a sound society also because we need to make sure that people are utilizing their minds in the best possible way.” – Maria Brito

“If we would have a third of Americans really kind of focus on entrepreneurial activities or solving problem, instead of complaining about them, we will have a very different America.” – Maria Brito

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How Creativity Rules the World by Maria Brito

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