Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 157: Capitalizing on Hardships with Tay Sweat of the STB Investors Club.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 157: Capitalizing on Hardships with Tay Sweat of the STB Investors Club.

As someone who has gone through horrible bankruptcy, slept on his mom’s floor, did not have a job, and fasted for 72 hours, Tay Sweat has suffered every hardship imaginable. But rather than feeling pity for himself over his failures, he took full advantage of them and invested in himself.

Today, Tay has earned his reputation in the world of health and fitness, stock trading, and entrepreneurship. He runs three multibillion-dollar businesses and is a full-time investor in real estate and the stock market.

In today’s episode of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, Tay Sweat will talk about the rough times of his life, how he capitalized on these hardships to achieve success, and what he learned from the many failures he had along the way.


In This Episode

2:03 – The therapeutic effects of sharing your stories

5:04 – How Tay dealt with the rough times in his life

6:32 – Tay’s response to someone who told him, “if you do right by people and continue to work hard, you will get everything you want”

11:07 – How Tay relates himself to the story of the man stuck on an island with some wooden sticks

16:34 – Some knucklehead moments that hit him right in the gut

18:23 – The lessons he learned from his mistakes

23:15 – How he began his journey to success

29:11 – How he bounced back from his quarter-million-dollar screw-up

Favorite Quotes

“I started trading in the stock market as a penny stock trader, trying to get the quickest return possible. And one of my biggest losses was a quarter-million dollar in one day. And I told myself, I’m never doing that again.” – Tay Sweat

“I was sleeping on my mom’s floor 12 years ago. So when I think and tell that story, it brings a sense of gratitude over me, and I just kind of fade in the background and say, ‘life’s great. What are you complaining about?’.” – Tay Sweat

“I wholeheartedly believe that as long as you do right by people and you continue to the hard work, you’re going to make it.” – Tay Sweat

“You are the best investment that you have. Because it’s your money and nobody’s going to work for your money as you do.” – Tay Sweat

“Your circle, your network is everything. Show me five of your friends and I’ll show you what you’re going to be.” – Tay Sweat

“If you are lost, if you do not know where to go, if you are down and out right now, just remember, you are your biggest investment. Time and money, put it into yourself.” – Tay Sweat

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