Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 156: Simple Steps to Getting the Most of AI with Neil Sahota, IBM Master Inventor and United Nations (UN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Subject Matter Expert.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 156: Simple Steps to Getting the Most of AI with Neil Sahota, IBM Master Inventor and United Nations (UN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Subject Matter Expert.

Technology is changing the way we do things. From self-driving cars to personalized marketing strategies, artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in today’s business and economy. In spite of the challenges of keeping up with this emerging technology, knowing the roadblocks is the first step to unlocking its full potential.

In today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, Neil Sahota talks about artificial intelligence (AI) as a business driver. He will discuss the roadblocks to utilizing smart technologies, how AI is not being used to its full potential, and what to know to maximize AI’s capabilities.

Simple Steps to Getting the Most of AI

  • Get the right mindset.
  • Bring a little foundational understanding.

Neil Sahota is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations (UN) Artificial Intelligence (AI) subject matter expert, and Professor at UC Irvine. With 20+ years of business experience, Neil works to inspire clients and business partners to foster innovation and develop next-generation products/solutions powered by AI. He is one of the few people selected for IBM’s Corporate Service Corps leadership program that pairs leaders with NGOs to perform community-driven economic development projects. Neil also partners with entrepreneurs to define their products, establish their target markets, and structure their companies.


In this Episode

 4:51 – Some of Neil’s mistakes while doing business

7:37 – The challenges associated with using smart technologies

10:10 – An example of how AI is being used ineffectively

12:36 – How to make the most of AI

18:24 – Why entrepreneurs are more innovative than established companies

Favorite Quotes

“If you’re a hundred percent successful, is that a good or bad thing? It’s bad because it tells you you’re not taking enough risk, right? Nothing wrong with failure, learning, and pivoting. What’s wrong with “successful”? You’re not taking enough risk. Don’t be afraid of doing that.” – Neil Sahota

“Don’t expect to be a hundred percent successful all the time. That’s asking too much of yourself.” – Neil Sahota

“There are a lot of smart technologies, but they don’t understand the pain points of the business.” – Neil Sahota

“The biggest stumbling block most businesses have is they don’t know how to think innovatively about the technology. They don’t know the toolset and how it could be really applied to do something differently. Companies that are really succeeding are the ones that are really disrupting the way things are actually being done. And that’s not something most people can fathom.” – Neil Sahota

“Building up ecosystems and working with all these companies around the world, it’s the entrepreneurs, it’s the small startups that actually are thinking more innovatively. They are far more open to possibilities than the more established companies are.” – Neil Sahota

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