Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 152: Stop Searching for the Right Person, Start Being the Right Person with Joe Evangelisti of Legacy Builder.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 152: Stop Searching for the Right Person, Start Being the Right Person with Joe Evangelisti of Legacy Builder.

Entrepreneurship can be a difficult and downright scary endeavor. While most business owners fall into the trap of finding the right person and creating the perfect team to grow their company, people desire to be led by a great visionary and a great leader who has a vision of where their company is going in the future.

  • Stop searching for the right person, start being the right person.
  • Have the right mindset and take action in the right direction.

In today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, Joe Evangelisti will talk about how his failure has led him into becoming a visionary and effective leader. He will also discuss how he helps transitioning military to become successful business owners and share insightful thoughts to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Joe Evangelisti is a decorated veteran who served in the United States Navy Construction Battalion – the Seabees. As a second-generation builder, he jumped into fixing and flipping properties after serving in the military. Having built an 8-figure empire himself, Joe understands what it takes to MASTER the game of business. He also mentors and coaches new and seasoned business owners who want to exploit their greatness.


In This Episode

3:33 – Backstory of Joe Evangelisti

5:53 – His favorite failure story

12:02 – How Joe evolved into becoming an effective leader

15:03 – An introduction to Joe’s “Five Roads to Victory”

21:05 – How Joe helps transitioning military members to become business owners

23:35 – His advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs

Favorite Quotes

“As a successful anything, mother, a brother, a father, a cake baker, a car detailer, I don’t care what you are. You don’t get to be a victim. Nobody who’s successful in life plays the victim card, right? We get to be the victor.” – Joe Evangelisti

“I got into the third house before the market really started to collapse. I had to start to do what we call course correcting, I had to pivot. We could fail, but got to do something different.” – Joe Evangelisti

“So many CEOs are constantly searching for the right people, but they’re afraid to look in the mirror and fix themselves. People want to be led by a great visionary and a great leader.” – Joe Evangelisti

“As business owners, we have a limited belief mindset. We put ourselves into a spectrum where we don’t believe that we can find the right people. So we don’t believe that there are people out there that are worth investing in.” – Joe Evangelisti

“In any business, the first thing you have to do is to take action. Taking action in the right direction leads to income.” – Joe Evangelisti

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