Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 147: Principles in Business, with Stephen Colon.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 147: Principles in Business, with Stephen Colon.

With today’s emerging technologies and the way people are being presented with opportunities, there is no doubt that “change” is the only thing constant.

Despite the belief that hustle and grind are the keys to moving forward, there are simple principles that, when given attention, will be a game changer to thrive and survive.

Principles that are helpful in business or in personal life

  1. Adapt to changes
  2. Be consistent
  3. Know when to stop

In today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our host, Stephen will discuss principles that can be helpful both in business and in personal life. Having gone through his own set of losses and struggles, Stephen has learned to adapt to change and stop whenever necessary.

Stephen Colon is the Founder and Chief Knucklehead at Knucklehead Media Group. He is regarded as one of the most dangerous people in podcasting. He’s committed to helping businesses leverage the power of their voice to bring dead leads to life. Built with over 13 years of professional leadership and sales development, and 8+ years of small business ownership working with companies on change management, engagement, and strategic alignment to business objectives, Knucklehead leverages a process for internal teams to follow and companies to use.


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In This Episode

1:53 – A quick shout out to a good old friend and a look at some client milestones

5:11 – How Stephen adapted to the way the pandemic affected business

9:48 – How consistency can determine your success rate

12:59 – Why stopping is an underestimated principle in business and in personal life

Favorite Quote

“Irregardless of change or what’s happening in technology and what’s happening within the business world around your organization, how loyal are you to the folks that work for you? And then in turn, what kind of reasons do you give them to be loyal to you?” – Stephen Colon

“Even if you’re having difficulty with your priorities, you’ve got to communicate that to folks who have a vested interest in the success in your life.” – Stephen Colon

“If you can consistently try to get better today than what you were yesterday, it would reveal how important or what progress you made towards your consistent mid-term goals and how that plays a role in truly what’s important.” – Stephen Colon

“Getting consistency throughout the process gives you clarity on when you need to stop.” – Stephen Colon

“The value of stopping is a severely underestimated principle in my opinion. Stopping in and reviewing gives you perspective and the value of what those things are.” – Stephen Colon

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