Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 140: Why Focus Matters with 8 Oaks Distillery Founder, Chad Butters

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 140: Why Focus Matters with 8 Oaks Distillery Founder, Chad Butters

Being able to transform adversities into growth and strength, Chad is a perfect example of true resilience and grit. His mentality of keeping one foot forward and having the trust to get at the backside of every tornado, Chad has created a path and a clear destination for his family and community- Eight Oaks Farm Distillery.

In today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, Chad Butters will share his story on how his dream of having an agriculture related family business has come to life. Born out of adversity, Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is a product of a husband’s love and care for a wife. Chad will also talk about the lessons he learned from the screw ups relative to his business and will drop valuable insights going further in this episode.

Chad Butters is the Founder and CEO of Eight Oaks Farm Distillery. His 25 years of experience as an aviator, trainer and aviation leader in both the military and civilian aviation industry taught him leadership and resiliency in all aspects of his life.

Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is a veteran-owned and family-run farm distillery. They handcraft spirits using selected grains and fruits sustainably grown on their farm and the farms of their friends and neighbors in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Eight Oaks Farm Distillery is not just a place to make great spirits but also a destination for great spirits to gather – offering tours, tastings and hosting your special events.


Favorite Quote

“It’s helpful to be a knucklehead when you’re starting a business. Because if you knew what you were getting into, you probably wouldn’t do it. So I don’t care what you’re doing. One day, it’s going to get old unless you’re fulfilling the purpose that you’re setting out for yourself. Once you have that purpose, everything else falls into place.”

                                                                                       – Chad Butters

In This Episode

2:35 – Chad’s background prior to becoming a CEO

3:29 – What drew him in the military

5:15 – How his military background helps in jumping into entrepreneurship

6:51 – What leads him into exploring the civilian world

9:52 – How Chad deal with the helplessness on his wife’s diagnosis

11:59 – His testament of resilience and grit

12:57 – The story behind Eight Oaks Farm Distillery

18:14 – His screw ups relative to his business

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