Knucklehead Podcast Ep 139: Growing Your Business In 2021 With Stephen Colon

Knucklehead Podcast Ep 139: Growing Your Business In 2021 With Stephen Colon


Recognizing the beauty of podcast and what it can bring to businesses, it is no surprise that podcasting has become more popular than ever. On the other hand, producing a great podcast is not a one-man show. It needs to have a set of people with special skills

to go through the hustle and grind from prospecting to promotion. To save yourself from the demand of wearing different hats, you need to have a turnkey production service- you need to have a TEAM!

Today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, Chief Knucklehead Stephen will talk about five steps to carve out your niche going into 2021. Reflecting from their own experiences and the lessons they have learned in 2020, Stephen will highlight how these steps are essential in growing your business.

  • Defining specifically how your podcast fits into growing your business
  • The role of your podcast in the customer’s journey and where they fit into the    process
  • Leveraging the right program management software
  • Process
  • Design


Favorite Quote

“If you look at what we didn’t do in 2020, we did not adequately position how our podcast can help solve the problem of culture or issues within your culture. Because, quite frankly, not everybody’s using them to go grow their business. Sometimes they’re just doing it as a hobby.”

                                                                          – Stephen Colon

In This Episode

00:55 – How Chief Knucklehead Stephen operates in bringing up top guests that perfectly fit to the goal of Knucklehead Podcast

2:15 – Topic that was given less focus on 2020

3:45 – Getting to know some of the exciting guests of Knucklehead Podcast in the coming episodes

6:54 – Five steps of how Knucklehead Media Group can use what they’ve learned in 2020 to better forecast and orient yourselves for 2021

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