Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 138: Awesome Coffee, Be a Warrior, Have Fun, Give Back – with Carl Churchill of Alpha Coffee.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 138: Awesome Coffee, Be a Warrior, Have Fun, Give Back – with Carl Churchill of Alpha Coffee.


From roasting small batches of coffee and selling it online, Alpha Coffee has grown into a million dollar company with two brick and mortar stores, a coffee truck, and expanded presence online. Embracing the warrior spirit, their team has been living the alpha lifestyle- serving others, giving back to the community, and challenging themselves to be better!

Today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, Carl Churchill will share his humble beginning as an entrepreneur. Together with his wife Lori, their passion for great coffee, strong motivation to give back, and a commitment to promote a warrior life, Alpha Coffee was born. Not only do they live the alpha way of living but also foster it all across their employees, their community of customers, and suppliers.

Carl Churchill is the Chief Officer and Co-Founder at Alpha Coffee. Born an army brat and nomad, Carl grew up, mentored, and trained alongside with other combat veterans. Their examples refined his leadership ability, lived his life with warrior principles, and honorably served the military for 21 years.

Alpha Coffee is a veteran and military-spouse co-owned and operated company dedicated to offering their customers amazing coffee, promoting the warrior lifestyle, providing the highest levels of service, and giving back to military and veterans. Their mission statement: Awesome Coffee, Be a Warrior, Have Fun, Give Back.


Favorite Quote

“If you’re not taking chances, then you’re not moving forward. And if you’re taking chances, you’re going to make mistakes. Life’s not worth living if you’re not overcoming obstacles. If there’s not a path forward then breach the wall and create a path.”

                                                                                            -Carl Churchill

In This Episode

4:15 – Backstory of Carl Churchill

7:32 – The thing about coffee that interest Carl to offer it as a service

10:12 – The mission of Alpha Coffee

13:52 – The biggest mistake Carl made during the early stage of their business

20:29 – His perspective about effective leadership

24:48 – How the people at Alpha Coffee live the way they carry their brand

26:58 – Carl’s definition of the word “Alpha”

How to get in touch with Carl Churchill

Alpha Coffee Website

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