Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 136: How to LEAD through FOG with Dave Berke, Director of Leadership Development and Alignment Programs for Echelon Front.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 136: How to LEAD through FOG with Dave Berke, Director of Leadership Development and Alignment Programs for Echelon Front.

Humans are naturally bound to make mistakes. Acknowledging these flaws, taking ownership of the screw ups and fixing the curve balls are how we evolve to become better, effective, and capable.

Join Knucklehead Stephen and our guest, Dave Berke, as they have a profound conversation about how recognizing even the smallest mistake can create a great impact in all aspects of people’s lives. Dave will also share his fulfillment in joining the Echelon Front and why having a solid foundation in the military has a universal application especially in  business, sales, and leadership.

Dave Berke is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, fighter pilot, ground combat leader and now a leadership instructor and speaker with Echelon Front where he serves as Director of Leadership Development and Alignment Programs. He joined Echelon Front providing unmatched experience and unique perspective into combat leadership, analytical decision making, risk mitigation, and creating winning teams.

Echelon Front offers solutions in leadership, strategy, innovation, management, team building, contingency planning, and crisis management developed and proven in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams. Their mission is to educate, train, mentor, and inspire leaders and organizations to achieve total victory.


Favorite Quote

“Mistakes will be made. The best thing you can do is admit them, take ownership of them, fix them, and learn from them. Don’t run from them. Don’t hide from them and don’t hope you won’t make them because you will.”

                                                                                                   -David Berke

In This Episode

2:04 – Dave’s background and superior credentials

4:53 – His perspective of filling a position in the corporate

7:29 – Why having a mistake is a common denominator no matter how competitive and tight the margin is

10:53 – How he reconciles his time in performing his tasks in the organization

14:20 – Backstory of how Dave ended up working with the team at Echelon Front

17:59 – How he assimilate the principle of OODA loop

22:14 – Why the principles and thought process at Echelon Front have a universal application

25:29 – The most gratifying part of being with Echelon Front

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