Knucklehead Podcast Ep 134: What Does Being The First “Interconnected” State Mean For Texas? With Guest John Boerstler.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep 134: What Does Being The First “Interconnected” State Mean For Texas? With Guest John Boerstler.


Escaping the trap of being in the cycle of redundancy and duplication in the way most nonprofit veteran organizations work, John has figured out a unique process to break the traditional landscape of delivering services to transitioning service members and veterans.

In today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast, our guest, John Boerstler will define the gap between transitioning out of the military and the exact resources service members need in the shifting process. He will also highlight the current situation of existing veteran service organizations and will present how the service model at Combined Arms closes the gap for veterans returning to civilian life in an easy to understand language.

John Boerstler is the CEO at Combined Arms, a dynamic collaborative impact organization that simplifies and accelerates the connection point between veterans and resources in order to deliver maximum impact on the communities they return to. Combined Arms is combating the fragmented and highly populated VSO landscape to overcome the challenges transitioning veterans are facing. It deploys a data-driven approach and a collaborative, connected model of service delivery so that veterans and the community are united.

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Favorite Quote

“I fell into that same trap of like ‘I want to start a veteran nonprofit’. From the veterans serving side, we just kept creating new programs. And years later we realized that was just adding to the redundancy. It was adding to the duplication and it was adding to the confusion in the marketplace.”

                                                                                              -John Boerstler

In This Episode

1:50 – What differentiates Combined Arms from other veteran business organizations

4:22 – The prevailing situations most transitioning service members are dealing with and how Combined Arms addresses these conditions

8:45 – How John escaped the cycle of duplication and redundancy in providing service to transitioning military and veterans in the marketplace

11:49 – How his organization fills the gap between interconnecting state agencies

13:04 – A walkthrough on how to get involved in the services or partnership with Combined Arms

17:24 – The equivalent of Combined Arms in the civilian language

Engage with John Boestler

Combined Arms Website


Texas Veterans Network

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