Knucklehead Podcast EP 131: Lessons From Hand-Forge Knife Maker With Matt Gaskill.

Knucklehead Podcast EP 131: Lessons From Hand-Forge Knife Maker With Matt Gaskill.


Keeping the tradition of supporting local businesses, today’s episode of the Knucklehead Podcast is about highlighting the craftsmanship of a knife maker from Texas, Matthew Gaskill. His inclination to build things from his own workbench has brought him into a lot of hobbies. But his affinity to steel and blades run from his blood of gunsmith and knife maker.

Matt is the craftsman of Gaskill Knives. He will share with you how he started his knife business, what caused him to stay committed in developing his skill, and the challenges and opportunities he must address in promoting his product in social media.

Gaskill Knives was established in 2015. From the inherited old Bader bench and a couple of drill presses, Matt has now a handful of knives under his belt and definitely got the itch to do more.


Favorite Quote

“Being that I make knives, I’m kind of constrained in many ways with social media. When I couldn’t promote a page, they sent me emails all the time. Hey, promote this post. But if you try it, they’re going to deny it because they call it a weapon. So it can be a bit challenging in that aspect.”

                                                                                    -Matthew Gaskill

In This Episode

2:50 – The year Gaskill Knives was established

5:00 – How Matt started his process of choosing the right kind of material

6:44 – How he developed interest in crafting knives

8:56 – What caused him to stay committed in developing his skill

12:18 – His struggles in coping up with the sudden rise of demands in his craft

14:49 – The most interesting request he has ever received

18:40 – What’s next for Gaskill Knives

20:07 – The challenges and opportunities of promoting his product on social media

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