Knucklehead Podcast EP 130: How To Sell Technology After Your Military Career With Lex Brown

Knucklehead Podcast EP 130: How To Sell Technology After Your Military Career With Lex Brown


Today’s edition of the Knucklehead Podcast is a conversation about resiliency with our guest, Lex Brown. Having a history in boxing, Lex’s experience of being hit with punches and groomed to fight for a title is parallel to taking failure and frustration in the entrepreneurial world. The lessons he learned in the fighting arena and his less than a decade in military service helped him succeed in the business he has today.

Lex will speak about the struggles associated with not just transition but with his life growing without a father figure as well. He will also talk about his inspiration in taking the entrepreneurial path, how he helps and creates opportunity to veterans, and how he bounces back from failures brought about by hurt reputation and disappointments.

Lex is a US Air Force and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran with 9 years of honorable service (7 years on active duty). He brings proven leadership and success in telecommunications and information technology, primarily in operational leadership, project management, and continuous process improvement roles. Lex himself is a Tech Qualled graduate, who naturally found synergy with the team and mission – when an opportunity presented itself to join Tech Qualled full-time, he knew he’d found the perfect purpose-driven role to thrive in.


Favorite Quote

“You go into a boxing match, but if you lose it’s a lesson, but if you win it’s a blessing. It’s the same thing in life. Losing or failing, it doesn’t have to be the end, all be all. It’s actually where we get the most wisdom and understanding of life and a lot of times where you find your true purpose.”

-Lex Brown

In This Episode

2:18 – Lex’s attitude towards failure

3:55 – His kids’ perspective about entrepreneurship

6:26 – The analogy of boxing and business

8:14 – What led him to the military route rather than advancing his skill in boxing

13:15 – His inspiration in taking the entrepreneurial path

16:26 – How Lex creates an opportunity for veterans and find value in the marketplace

18:45 – The fail points in his recruiting and business development program and how he gets back from the frustration

24:04 – Great groups he is associated with the same purpose of helping veterans

27:29 – His message to anyone about humility and attitude

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