Knucklehead Podcast Ep 125: Effective, Unconventional Wisdom, With Scott Leese.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep 125: Effective, Unconventional Wisdom, With Scott Leese.



Strongly confident that he has what it takes to be a topflight sales leader, Scott spent most of his early career finding the right people and the right position for the job. His bold mindset on how he views failure and how he bounces back from his mistakes makes him a 3x American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Top 25 Award Winner and one of the top startup sales leaders in the country.

Knucklehead Podcast guest for today, Scott Leese, will share with you his journey on how he gets into the sales arena, his ability to respond and handle multiple missteps and his willingness to fail in order to learn and be the best version of himself.

Scott Leese is the Founder and CEO of both Scott Leese Consulting, LLC and Surf & Sales. A highly sought-after consultant, advisor, leader, and sales trainer, Leese has a proven record of success building and scaling businesses from the ground up. He is also the author of Amazon’s #1 best-selling book on sales called Addicted to the Process that was released in 2017.


Favorite Quote:

“It was really hard. I wanted to quit after the first day. I remember thinking I’m going to get fired today for sure. Being able to shake it off faster and bounce back faster is really, really, really important.”

                                                                       -Scott Leese

In This Episode:

2:36 – What compelled him to write the book “Addicted to the Process”

5:41 – How Scott get into the sales arena

11:49 – His conviction of how he views himself in the field of technology

14:01 – How Scott  recalibrates his emotions and energy when talking to people

17:13 – Chain of events where he is constantly on the lookout for the right teammates and right position for the job

23:12 – His process of reflecting and bouncing back when committing mistakes

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