Knucklehead Podcast Ep 124: Manufacturing New Products During COVID, With Battle Sight Technologies President Nick Ripplinger.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep 124: Manufacturing New Products During COVID, With Battle Sight Technologies President Nick Ripplinger.



If you’re in a situation where darkness complicates your struggle, being able to see the danger gives you the advantage to overcome limitations, enables you to carry out operations that would not in other ways possible, and above all save lives.

Today’s guest of the Knucklehead Podcast, Nick Ripplinger, speaks about providing warfighter, frontline men and women, and emergency management professionals extra tools that make them safer and more lethal. He will also point out the obstacles that emerge in their line of business as COVID hits and how he qualifies people to work in partnership with his business.

Nicholas Ripplinger is the President at Battle Sight Technologies. He’s a former US Army soldier and Operations NCOIC. He is also the best-selling author of Front Line Leadership. Nick has dedicated a percentage of his time and resources to assist veterans in transition by leveraging their military skills in the business world.

Battle Sight Technologies is a leading rapid commercialization firm focused on dual-use technologies that supports the warfighter, first responder, emergency management professional, and commercial markets. They create and innovate revolutionary products that will enhance their day to day operations, well being, and productivity.


Favorite Quote

“We made a very poor decision when we first started looking for packaging for one of our products. And it turns out that all they cared about was they wanted us to sign up to minimums that were unrealistic at price points that were unrealistic. They’re not bought into the mission. All they cared about is the money grab.”

                                                                                                       -Nick Ripplinger

In this Episode

6:16 – The challenges that transpire in his business when COVID 19 strikes

7:47 – The pains points of promoting brand awareness in the long-distance sales process

11:32 – The biggest mistake they did in terms of product distribution

13:56 – Walking through the process of how CrayTac was developed and distributed

16:53 – How they measure the success rate of CrayTac products

19:44 – Finding the right people to work in partnership with the business operations

25:03 – Other books he is currently hooked up to

25:48 – What’s next for Nick Ripplinger

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Battle Sight Technologies Website






Front Line Leadership: Applying Military Strategies to Everyday Business

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