Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 123: Reverse Engineering “The Process” with Dr. Robert “The Warrior Strategist” Garcia.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 123: Reverse Engineering “The Process” with Dr. Robert “The Warrior Strategist” Garcia.



From a lone wolf to a 7-figure business strategist, Dr. Robert Garcia shares with you his tactics in building a successful business.

Over the past 18 months he last guested in the show, Dr. Rob has upgraded his business severely. In his second time to speak here at Knucklehead Podcast, he will talk about his thought process in achieving success, the strategy he is using to build an audience organically, and how he qualifies influencers and business owners he works with.

Dr. Robert Garcia is San Diego’s Award-Winning Business Strategist. He is an 8-time Author and also the  Owner of the SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine. He helps experts become highly credible industry leaders through media interviews, strategic social media, and celebrity partnerships.


Favorite Quote:

“I was a lone wolf in it. I was trying to do everything on my own. That’s the biggest thing I have to tell veterans, especially is don’t be a lone wolf. Fix your business now. Don’t be unprofitable for five years because you’re too proud or stubborn to ask for help.”

                                                                              – Robert Garcia

In this Episode

2:56 – Type of clients Dr. Rob works with

4:18 – How he specifically helps business grow their audience organically

6:00 – His strategy in building an audience in terms of podcasting

9:34 – How Dr. Rob did an outstanding job in stepping up his game over the last couple of years

11:17 – Coping up with time management

13:39 – The evolution of SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine

15:49 – His thought process on how people leverage their influence to make buying decisions

18:07 – Dr. Rob’s perspective in terms of promoting brand awareness

21:55 – What drives people to come and sponsor his digital assets

24:49 – His grounds in qualifying influencers to work with

28:01 – His profound advice especially to veterans doing business





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