Knucklehead Podcast Ep 121: Lessons from Knucklehead Podcast

Knucklehead Podcast Ep 121: Lessons from Knucklehead Podcast

Stephen Colon (00:00): Part of the mission that we have here at knucklehead is to make sure that the information that we talk about as far as screw ups and mistakes, that we don't let those scripts and mistakes define us. What they do is they fuel the success that we strive to achieve on a day in and day out basis. I mean, that's called get some wins.

Intro (00:16): Choose not to live in a world of filters, realize your mistakes, set the foundation for your success. Get some wins knucklehead podcast.

Stephen Colon (00:30): All right. Hey, welcome to another edition of Knucklehead Podcast you got with you today, the Knucklehead Steven, and wanting to get this message out. It's now July, 2020. It's crazy. How quickly things have changed. It's been since August of 2018, I believe 2000 and yeah, August of 2018, since we've actually had a solo episode of knucklehead podcast. So I figure it's right around that time. So about 70 episodes ago, we did a change management podcast. And today we're just going to jump right in here. Same way that we always do. And this episode is going to be just a quick review of what the foundation of knucklehead is. We're going to talk a little bit about some, some trends, some emails that have been going out and also a little bit about leveraging social media to make your point and get out there and grow well.

Stephen Colon (01:16): Now, what are we day 43 into the knucklehead 90 challenge, Holy moly, day 43 of 90 for a physical growth abstinence and accountability challenge. And it, listen, if you're out there, you don't necessarily want to be a part of a challenge. That's only physical or only a part of reading a book. Then this is the challenge that you need to be abortive or essentially on a mission to go out there and embrace the fact that you can screw up. You can make mistakes, and we're going to dive into a little bit of that today. So anyway, knucklehead podcast, and I am the knucklehead. Steven, you can take a peek over at us on Twitter. It's the knuckle pot. If you want to follow me or not, go ahead underscore mg for Twitter and Instagram, if you're looking to follow the media group. So anyway, we're going to jump right in as of late, I think that there's been a lot of information that's out there specifically related to compliance and an overreach of government authority as it relates to COVID and you know, in mask wearing, there's been a lot of misinformation.

Stephen Colon (02:17): That's out there specifically for me on social media. What will happen is, is I don't know if this is you or not, but when it comes to your work, you have your work day. And then so at the end of the day, all the same devices that you use to get your work done now that you're kind of cooped up in the house are all the same devices that you use whenever you're just trying to unwind or go take a peek at different sites that you go to to unwind it. Mine is ESPN. I like going and paying attention to sports. Things are MMA fighting, or, you know, I'll follow Ariel Helwani over on Twitter. And again, what today's episode really is, is just kind of what we've been up to. What's been happening in the world of knucklehead, some really powerful lessons that we've learned along the way, just looking back at some of the old podcasts that we have done, and maybe some, really some encouragement to you that, you know, not everybody on social media is tearing folks down.

Stephen Colon (03:08): So there's a lot of good things that you can follow and great information that you can gleam from the experiences that people have had. And my encouragement to you is to go back and relisten to some of those episodes that we've done here on McQuade. And we've talked about overcoming bankruptcy specifically, that is a next to impossible pipe challenge. I'm shocked at how much momentum can be lost whenever you screw up. Let's just say you went out and you raised money for a business, or you saved up money. You're doing a side hustle when you got to a certain dollar amount, and then you decided to go in full time. I remember back whenever I first started my business, I was doing personal training. I had actually failed the personal training CPT NASM exam. Three times I'd studied physiology. I had studied all that, the anatomy of how muscles it was unbelievable.

Stephen Colon (03:54): And I still failed this test. I still failed the test to get certified, to go out there and start training clients. I was actually training clients and not certified for a period of time. I had still had an insurance plan. So, you know, if somebody got hurt, I wasn't going to bankrupt my family. But my whole point is, is like taking that action, understanding that the action that you take will influence it, inform the success that you see, if you stop and reevaluate where things are at. And we talked about an entire episode with somebody who's now a multimillionaire who's actively gone through a bankruptcy matzoh Paula over at PHP agency up in Chicago, phenomenal, phenomenal agency up there. Patrick bet. David, if you watch Valuetainment all on YouTube, they do a really good job of providing informational database statistics to pick apart trends are emerging companies, things that you can follow, how to really develop your skillset on taking a look at P and L's and understanding kind of what's happening within a business just by looking at a spreadsheet, really, really valuable resources over there.

Stephen Colon (04:54): And we've had them on knucklehead, you know, episode 20, if you want to go back and listen to that. But I started this podcast by talking specifically about what we've been up to other episodes that you can go back and listen to the knucklehead 90 challenge, and then kind of what's been happening in the world of COBIT and, and everything else. So, anyway, with that being said, finally, getting to the point, the point of today is this. If you don't focus on what your goals are, you're going to be unfocused. Right? And our goal was whenever we started this to get people to listen,

Speaker 3 (05:23): Then as people

Stephen Colon (05:25): Started to listen, our goal was to get people's attention about topics that they wouldn't otherwise talk about. Right? And so when we started to do that, that was episode about 13 or so, that was an episode title. Don't be beta and snowflakes. And it got a lot of people's attention. There's a lot of people I grew up with that whenever they listened to that episode, they got offended by the title. They didn't even go back and listen to the show. And I think it's important to understand that not everybody thinks alike. And just because people don't think alike doesn't mean that they can't have a conversation. And if they want to go and listen to information and listen to how somebody feels a certain topic, you're welcome to do that in today's information age, or you're welcome to shut it off. I don't see how shutting off what somebody else has to say, or maybe tearing down a historical monument really helps to have a conversation about two competing ideas.

Stephen Colon (06:15): I think it's important to realize that whenever we started this, we didn't not have the intent to go and develop this into a business that happened organically. That happened because companies and people, they want to have conversations. They actually truly just want to be able to be interested in whatever it is that they're interested in. And they want to do that. In addition to being out there and being a part of a bigger team, they want to have a bigger purpose. They want to feel safe to be able to take risks and they want to be able to grow. So what's important about Alec in today's climate and culture. If you don't embrace it today could be one of the last days that you have to go and, and make some things happen. You may not appreciate it when it's gone. You may not appreciate the fact that you can go out and grow and accomplish some pretty incredible things.

Stephen Colon (06:59): And that's what I'm thankful for that honestly, that's what, I'm what I'm thankful for right now. I'm, I'm thankful for day in and day out having the ability to go out there and produce not only for my family, but for a company, for the business, for everything that I'm a part of my goal is to get it to grow. And so there's, there's a way that you can get it to grow. And there's a way that you can garner support for folks that don't believe the same way that you do. And so I'm excited about essentially talking through some of that today. So it may seem like I'm bouncing around a little bit, but it's only because I got a lot to talk with you about all right. So one kind of what we've been up to, we actually just came up with a newsletter.

Stephen Colon (07:35): When I say we just came up with it. We actually had Adam Ryan. Who's the president of the hustle. The hustle is an email newsletter where there's a lot of millennials, a lot of business leaders that are part of that particular newsletter. And the reason why they're a part of that newsletter is because they take information. They put it in digestible chunks and they do a really fun way of like personalizing kind of stale. Staunchy a business copy. They were talking about how your airline luggage there actually is a company that sells all the things that are in your Los luggage. That's a really cool topic to get into, but you would never otherwise know what that is unless you were part of the hustle. Right. And what was cool is we had an MRI and the president of their organization on end. He talked to us about when people screw up or they make mistakes in business.

Stephen Colon (08:20): The reason why they don't share those is because they're embarrassing. And so there's these, all these paradigms around how to overcome screw ups or failure that now you're dipping your toe into, whenever you're talking to somebody about what they've screwed up along the way, or if it's costs somebody money or organizations money to do that. So that's why we actually started sharing out there in the marketplace. Folks who've actively wanted to hear a little bit more and read about not just the topics that we do podcasts about, but the companies that we helped produce micro content for, and also what are some actual challenges that you've uncovered along the way. One of those was a young, young and young. He's a phenomenal, phenomenal business owner. You actually was on the podcast episode. I think 92, you talked a little bit about learning to pivot your business because, you know, as you go through the changes in the, in the iterations of your business markets will change.

Stephen Colon (09:13): People will change your customer's feedback about your product will change. And if you weren't getting ahead of that customer feedback, or you don't provide opportunities for them to give you what I call it, it's a feedback loop. So you actually have this feedback loop instead of you just producing content, you produce content than you actually provide them the opportunity to give you feedback that loop in itself. If you're not constantly iterating that or making, uh, making it easier for folks to go to either your social channels or respond to emails or subscribe to shows or whatever the case may be, you're going to have a difficult time getting feedback from them. And yen talks about about 10 or so. Minutes into that particular episode, he talks about for entrepreneurs separating yourself from your business and as mature businesses grow, being able to allow for processes and systems that have worked for other companies to be tested within your company.

Stephen Colon (10:05): And that's a phenomenal way to think about growth, and that's a phenomenal way to think about change. And if you don't like what you've got, you've got, you've got to change some things. And I kind of started to talk about it a little bit. The fact that we're, you know, we're actively looking at deciding not to look at what we don't like about our history and knowing awards and all the United States is a very special entity full of special people. One of the greatest leaders that we've had talked about, how we're just one generation away from losing our freedom and being able to take today for what it is, which is just an opportunity to go out there and make today the best that you can and talk about specifics and topics and work to grow and to help connect with people out there in the marketplace and help them be better.

Stephen Colon (10:52): If you're not doing that, then you're taking in, you're literally robbing yourself from who you want to be and the organizations that you want to be a part of. And that's a very difficult thing to do just to see people rebel against these injustices. I mean, there's not one person on the planet. Who's respectful, who's law abiding who believes in safety and freedom and Liberty whose stomach doesn't turn. When they think about abuses of power and things that are just unspeakably evil and to have prejudices and paradigms, it's a terrible situation, but to pretend as if we're going to be more safe by abandoning the establishment structures that have created a lot of the wealth and the freedom and the systems that we enjoy today, I think it's very disingenuous. I think that if you really take the time to appreciate and acknowledge the painstaking hours that it's taken to bring some of these topics to the surface and to get us actually having a discussion with our neighbors or friends, or even just folks that consume the material that we produce, given them an opportunity to be a part of what it is that you're doing and to provide feedback.

Stephen Colon (12:00): I think it's a very helpful thing. However, I mean, it's also really, really hard to see people just using violence to get their point across. And when I say using violence, I'm talking specifically about inflicting pain on service members, who've left the service. And all I want to do is provide and protect. All they want to do is they want to go be the best cop or law enforcement officer that they can. I think all the citizens that they patrol, there's a lot of folks who mean really, really well. There's a few bad apples and those bad apples, they do a really good job of getting a lot of the press covers that's going on nowadays. So part of the mission that we have here at knucklehead is to make sure that the information that we talk about as far as screw ups and mistakes, that we don't let those scripts and mistakes define us.

Stephen Colon (12:42): What they do is they fuel the success that we strive to achieve on a day in and day out basis. I mean, that's called get some wins. We believe very strongly that the majority of positive outcomes for everybody that's involved is predicated on opportunity. It's not predicated on the fact that, you know, you could be abusing your position of power or abusing somebody else or stepping on somebody else to get what it is that you want. That's not what we believe in at all, and that's not what we do here. So anyway, I want to just dive through a lot of those topics, just going back and just to review here real quick, if you're on social media and you want to be a part of a social media following our challenge, that's challenging you to get super granular on a day to day basis of what you believe to be a physical part of moving towards what you want to have accomplished on the physical side, a physical goal, or maybe your reading goal or a personal growth goal, or an accountability goal or something that you feel like you shouldn't be doing anymore.

Stephen Colon (13:35): Those are the four parts of knucklehead 90, right? So go on social media and use the hashtag NOCO at 90 and find us there to share something that you'd like to do over the next 90 days to grow in those four areas, physical growth abstaining from something that you shouldn't be doing professional growth. So what kind of book are you reading or what kind of podcasts you listen to, and then who are you talking to about it? Who have you talked to and told that you want to get better in that area? And are you doing that every day? So if you're looking for a member of a team or, or somebody that you can kind of get connected to in terms of an example, to follow what they've done, go back and listen to don't tread on me with Mike Brannigan. He's a local business owner that we sat down with at the tail end of 2018, early 2019.

Stephen Colon (14:19): And it's been about a year or so, but it's amazing to hear about the amount of volunteer work that he does in addition to what he does for his, for profit business. He actually owns two of them. And in the family that he runs his wife's an entrepreneur as well. That family, what they've done is they've dedicated their life to becoming better every single day. They've essentially volunteered their time to go find different organizations to really give back. There's a lot of them that are out there if you're a veteran and you're not part of your American Legion, there's plenty of examples and stories of business that have come. People just being a part of that group. But I didn't realize that a major airport here in Dallas had a lot to do with the relationships that people develop as being part of the chamber.

Stephen Colon (15:01): I didn't know a lot of that stuff whenever we first started our business, but there are some phenomenal people that are associated with those networks and those groups that really essentially, you clearly articulate what your mission is. You can go help. A lot of people clearly articulate what their mission is and go make some things happen in your business. So, anyway, with that being said, we just wanted to get a quick message out. It's been about 70 episodes or so since knuckleheads actually done a solo episode and not had a conversation with a guest. So with that said, this is Steven. You can check us out on knucklehead media group, knucklehead podcast on LinkedIn. You can get in touch with me if you want the nickel pod on Twitter or chief knucklehead over on Instagram. So with that being said, this is a quick down and dirty 20 minute episode of what we've been up to what's happening. Anyway, we appreciate you guys look forward to chatting with you soon. We've got guests coming to you on knucklehead, and we've got new podcasts coming up with the ex British podcast and a few of the other ones for some wealth management companies here in Dallas, got access points coming at you. We've got people with healthcare, there's new episodes coming all the time from different companies that are all over the metroplex that we're helping make some things happen for. So we appreciate you guys talk to you soon. See you.

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Looking back at the thought process, best practice, and episodes of the Knucklehead Podcast that resulted in developing it into a business organically, Stephen is now going to have a quick review of what the foundation of Knucklehead is.

In today’s solo episode, he will talk about some of the remarkable episodes they’ve been up to that you can go back and listen to, certain trends that have been going out, a little bit about leveraging social media, and how to get involved in Knucklehead 90 challenge.

Stephen Colon is the Founder and Chief Knucklehead of Knucklehead Media Group. He is committed to helping businesses leverage the power of their voice to bring dead leads to life.

Knucklehead Media Group is the home to some of the top podcasts across multiple categories, captivating coursework on gaining traction with your show, and consulting to those companies BOLD enough to #getsomewins. They believe your mistakes set the foundation for your success, those stories help customers beat a pathway to your doorstep, and the myths from bringing business online shouldn’t hold you back from getting yours.


Favorite Quote:

“Part of the mission that we have here at Knucklehead is to make sure that the information that we talk about as far as screw-ups and mistakes that we don’t let those scripts and mistakes define us. What they do is, they fuel the success that we strive to achieve on a day in and day out basis. I mean, that’s called get some wins.”

                                                                       -Stephen Colon

In This Episode

3:39 – Stephen’s first business experience and what he learned from it

4:19 – Knucklehead podcast episodes you don’t wanna miss

5:10 – The goal behind the production of Knucklehead shows

8:20 – The reason why people don’t share their mistakes in business

12:31 – Recognizing the mission of Knucklehead

13:14 – What is Knucklehead 90 and how to take part with the challenge

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