Knucklehead Podcast Ep 117: When You Stop and The Team Starts, Operations X Founder, Preston Weekes.

Knucklehead Podcast Ep 117: When You Stop and The Team Starts, Operations X Founder, Preston Weekes.



This episode of the Knucklehead podcast talks about how delegating your work and outsourcing tasks can help you multiply your operations, enhance and speed up your processes while lowering your operational cost, but most importantly, improve your quality of life.

Being a control freak, Preston finds himself burnt out from running his business in different locations and multiple employees. This knucklehead moment of his life brings about the genesis of Operations X.

Today’s guest, Preston Weekes, is the Chief Strategy Officer and co-Founder of the Operations X. His mission is to help the success of a hundred percent of humanity by providing opportunities and helping people to make their dreams and their hard work a reality.

Operations X is a business solutions company mainly focused on remote staffing. It provides actionable solutions to help the success rate of businesses and simplifies the outsourcing process by hiring and managing remote employees to do work for US companies. With Operations X, they consult and train organizations and leadership in sales, messaging, branding, marketing, and operational cost reduction.


Favorite Quote:

“I was running two locations at a time I’d ramped up to 11 employees and I was trying to figure out how to manage people. I was just going crazy and it hit me one day. I’m employing 11 people, and I just created 11 jobs for myself.”

  • Preston Weekes

In this Episode:

3:06 – The role of Operations X in businesses

4:39 – Lessons he learned from starting his car business

10:41 – His reactions as he recognizes his wanting to control the outcomes of his business operations

13:46 – How he handles work-life balance

16:56 – Passing generational lessons to his kids

19:59 – Great benefits he gained from hiring a VA

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