Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 115: Mistakes Made by Design Agencies, Handsome CEO John Roecsher

Knucklehead Podcast Ep. 115: Mistakes Made by Design Agencies, Handsome CEO John Roecsher



Talking about the power of focus, today’s guest of the Knucklehead Podcast has it all.

After getting out of Marine, John leaves himself with a mortgage of a house, no job, and no plan lined up. Landing himself face first, he had no choice but to have an exit plan and no other option but to succeed.

John Roescher is the CEO of Handsome. It an agency that designs and develops custom digital experiences and web and mobile-based software products for brands in all industries. His team works with brands to create innovative digital products and technology powered experiences that engage their audiences, customers and users.


Favorite Quote:

“There’s a lot of power in defining to yourself what your core is, what is your core goal, and what is core about you that you’re going to use to achieve that goal.

If you can’t succeed at being at the thing that you set out to do, then either change what you are setting out to do and be true to that, or be honest with yourself that you’re not actually successful.”

                                                                                                 -John Roescher

In this episode:

2:29 – The impact of working remotely on businesses

6:46 – His reaction to offensive corporate tactics to persons who express resistance

12:14 – What is Handsome as a design agency

16:20 – Incidents that resulted in the pain of failure

19:28 – Interesting scenario where human interaction outsmart technology

22:27 – How he structures his business to prevent failure in the future

26:32 – His piece of advice to first-time business owners

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