Knucklehead Podcast Ep 114: Simple Machine For Entrepreneurs, Author Tyler Reiser

Knucklehead Podcast Ep 114: Simple Machine For Entrepreneurs, Author Tyler Reiser



Coming from a military background where he can’t afford the opportunity to screw up, you will be surprised by how our guest views failure as leverage to learn, improve, and predict his future success.

Today’s episode shares a great conversation with Tyler Reiser. He talks about his perception of what a veteran advantage is, the processes he has been to shift his mindset, and how he successfully wrote a book while being in a management consulting business.

Tyler Reiser is the author of The Veterans Advantage. This book shares the stories of veterans who have overcome the challenges of transitioning from the military into entrepreneurship, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.


Favorite Quote: 

From my own perspective, life is a perpetual stumbling of sorts. I was surprised how badly people stumbled before they actually found their opportunity to shine and change the world. You get out of something, the time you’ve put into it.”

-Tyler Reiser

In this episode:

4:51 – How Tyler perceive the veteran advantage

6:11 – The pain of writing a book

9:30 – Emotional engagement of going through the process of writing

11:15 – His mindset in parallel to failure and accomplishing big things

14:54 – How he learned to be intentional that failure is not an option

20:37 – Why read The Veteran’s Advantage

22:11 – The misconception behind every successful business owners

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The Veteran Advantage

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