5 Business Lessons Learned

  • (E16 – JP Dinnell) Focus. Focus. When you’re not focused, get focused.
  • (E15 – Tim Kennedy) Be the absolute best. Be uncomfortable.
  • (E58 – Mike Sarraille) It’s never a lack of resources, it’s a lack of resourcefulness.
  • (E64 – Phoebe Mroczek) Whether you’re ready or not, say “Yes!” and get ready.
  • (E56 – Eric Bakey) Make it visual. Imagery seperates you from those who choose to take the easy road.

#1 – Episode 16 – Navy Seal, Never Settle Apparel Founder, Echelon Front Speaker JP Dinnell

Business lessons don’t always come from former SEALS. You’d never expect to meet someone that could wrestle a bear, shoot a fly off your shoulder at 1,000 meters, yet be as inviting and authentic as him. We spent over 30 minutes talking about what his training as a Navy Seal has to do with his business success, the value of your network, and how being the youngest member of his platoon shaped the value system he operates with to this day. Much to my surprise, he spoke directly to our brothers and sisters who have served who are caught up in the struggle of disconnecting from their service days and embracing the opportunity in the civilian world. Focus, Focus, Focus.

Focus Business Lessons
Navy SEAL Echelon Front Speaker Never Settle Brand Apparel Owner JP Dinnell

#2 – Ranger Up Co-Founder, Discovery Channel Star, Green Beret and Former MMA World Championship Contender Tim Kennedy

Between filming shows for the Discovery Channel and Hunting Mr Adolf himself, Tim Kennedy takes some time from his schedule to clearly explain why so many men and women are fed up with men not being men. Too often we don’t understand the meaning of “Alpha”. More often than not, we develop a resistance to the idea of a leader, wanting to provide or we see someone running roughshod over us. The negative stereotypes of Alpha remain, yet in response to the growing movement and acceptance of beta males, Alpha’s want to be clear. #dontbebeta. Look to take ownership of your life and decision making by striving to be the best in what you do.

#dontbebeta – Just ask Mr. Kennedy

#3 – Real. American. Hero. Mike Sarrallie.

When you listen to folks who understand how to isolate an opportunity and allocate resources in order to adequately capture for their advantage, look no further than Mike.

You’ll never hear Mike say that.

How would you describe someone that took those lessons learned in combat, getting wounded, and gave back to their community in the form of tangible business and leadership lessons?

Episode 58 of Knucklehead Podcast Navy Seal, EF Overwatch CEO Mike Sarraille

Mike’s military career speaks for itself, but his mission continues to this day as the co-founder of EF Overwatch, Founder of VETTED and speaker with the Echelon Front team. We sit down with Mike and dive into mistakes, the state of veterans in America, and how failure should fuel your next accomplishment.

#4 – Can you hear me now? w/ Phoebe Mroczek

Focus, Be Ready
Host of Unbecoming and Digital Marketing Strategist Phoebe Mroczek

A new prospect asked on Friday afternoon, “Can you have that to me on Monday?”

Phoebe had just been asked to commit to a 48-hour turnaround on a leadership and development workshop. Only problem was, she hadn’t created any of the material. There’s no way she’d be able to pull off training a group of people, let alone teams of folks in that short of a time. Lesson learned? She said “Yes!” Then got ready.

What did she do? What would you have done?

Since killing it at that first training, Phoebe Mroczek has continued to bring value for her clients with digital marketing strategy. She hosts a widely popular podcast, Unbecoming, and has been featured all over the media landscape to include Inc, New Media Summit and more.

#5 – Stop Lying to Yourself with Combat Imagineer Eric Bakey

“You can’t bore someone into buying something from you.” So simple and obvious. 

“Give me an hour – I’ll show you why people buy from you and why they don’t.” Another BOLD statement that gets your attention.

Found Money Blueprint – ericbakey.com

Between spinning beautiful blondes at White Horse, crafting robust marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs, and drawing cartoons Eric Bakey continues to deliver more than the status quo when it come to marketing. Entrepreneurship came knocking and he answered the door – and the rest is future. “The Combat Imagineer” shares some of his process for getting his day started and how that spills over into the deals he’s able to make work.

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