E55 – Bet on you, Shaun P Martin

Why would you resign as one of the top engineers on a immensely successful marketplace web platform?

Why leave behind the security of a corporate success and focus your attention to working with companies to find the right talent and retain the best workers?

Well, Shaun Martin’s been on a mission to develop great leaders and create transformation that scales since he’s left his corporate career. He’s been obsessed with behavioral economics & human systems engineering, sixth sense for sniffing out dysfunction, fixing root cause over symptoms, tactical & strategic risk mitigation.

Now a published author, host of the “Rebase” podcast, and a renegade entrepreneur Shaun spends his time and energy helping companies be the best they can be by ensuring they attract, hire and retain the talent to help them hit their goals with the right culture in mind.

Rebase on FB – https://goo.gl/2eQ4xd

Shaun on LinkedIn – https://goo.gl/RQEkUS

Connect with Shaun – shaun@shaunpmartin.com

Buy “Hack your Hiring” – https://goo.gl/FWvNF4

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