E50 – Change Management w/ the “Knucklehead”

There’s not a manual for the shit.

Started a company when I got out of the Marine Corps and failed miserably.

Didn’t understand that that was the key to the success going forward.

Almost wrecked my entire relationship, to the most important person in my life, my wife.

Didn’t respect how precious my children more, or that time by chasing a dream that I believe with every fiber of my body would be happening.

Instead scrape my knees busted my nose almost went broke, barely could pay rent for years on end and came out better because of the experience.

To say I needed to perfect change and use best practices is an understatement. For those that can relate, feel free to check out the four principles of change management as it relates to your business, new parenting endeavor, or project that you’re looking to improve.

Principle #1: Delineate between strategy and a plan. Don’t confuse where the rubber meets the road

Principle #2: Know how your train. You’ll need remedial or corrective action that are anticipated and well thought out.

Principle #3: Choose the right plan.

Principle #4: Choose the right strategy.

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