E43 – Awaken your Alpha, Podcast/Author Adam Lewis Walker

100% this is Alpha. We sit down with Adam, and he’s got to help make some things happen for his family when he leaves to go pickup the kids and do an outdoor excursion while the wife is traveling. On a Monday! Nicely played, Adam – nicely played.There’s too many simple lessons not to allow these to sink in, but Adam runs head first into a buzzsaw when he tries to publish his first book, get legs to the distribution, or even getting the message out to the “alphas” out there during his TED-x talk. Pay close attention to how he packages the message and brings down the walls as you get a first-hand perspective into how failure can lead to your largest success. Just don’t be a groveling coward. Put yourself out there and fail. #dontbebeta #getsomewins

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