E38 – Building a brand, Merica Bourbon CEO Derek Sisson

Some entreprenuers believe that you need to struggle before you make it. Some decide never to be a business owner, only to work for the man year after year. Derek Sisson, trained as a Recon Marine, leveraged the valuable lessons he learned in distributing, the leadership skills honed as a Marine, to extract the recipe for launching a brand. That success didn’t come without it’s challenges and experiences, most of which get buried and never shared to help other do the same thing, but Derek shares his with us today.

Merica Bourbon was made to share the great taste of freedom with family and friends, and remincing about the good times in life together. Check out more from Derek and Merica Bourbon at:


Facebook Business Page @Merica Bourbon (https://www.facebook.com/MericaBourbon)Connect with Derek! (https://www.facebook.com/derek.sisson.77)#dontbebeta #getsomewins

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