E35 – Overcoming the past, Culture Stick CEO Sean Allen

Larger than life. Shock and Awe. These phrases are thrown around so much that the impact of their meaning gets lost. It doesn’t mean that every expereince doesn’t leave you scratching your head with Sean, but you will most likely laugh! Leveraging past experiences from the Air Force, being a stellar and standout player at Southwest Airlines Sean Allen grew a consulting business in the Monroe, Louisiana area and has parlayed that success to networking groups in and near Austin, Texas.

Coming from a military upbringing, there’s a bit of structure that can lead to an overrelyance on that structure, instead of being able to swim on your own, Sean Allen brings a perspective that you can laugh at, learn from and apply. Relating to people, he’s been able to teach folks best practices on communication and how to rebound from communication mishaps.

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Facebook Profile Page @Sean Allen (www.facebook.com/sean.allen.397)
Like his newest pair of boots, ask him for the pics though! Check out more via LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sean-allen-ba80526)

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