E34 – Get off you A$$ and get with it, Scotty Gassner


Everyone of us has a struggle. There’s a struggle to earn more. Struggle to kick a bad habit. Struggle to overcome objections. Struggle to move, to lift more, to be healthier – you name it, one of us has something they do too much of that they’d like to stop. Talking with someone that has perspective completely changed Scotty Gassner’s outlook on life. Most wouuld simply call this therapy, however, it was an opportunity to make some reflective change that he needed in order to mature through some of his hangups. That’s not a gentle, pillow filled process for those that have the thought to bear your soul to someone else in hopes that the tools they equip you with will move you along the growth curve. Yet, Scotty had courage. He perseverd through the challenges to start a successful training business and comedy career. 

There’s not a pair of shoes that were worth having that Scotty hasn’t swooped up and owned. Part of being a phenominal dancer, hilarious comedian (They aren’t all funny. He is.), and movement extrodianaire (think Ido Portal with out the man bun… wait, keep the man bun… lose the Conor Mcgregor) comes with it the doubt and fear associated with learning new things. Listen to Scotty’s story and I’m sure you’ll find yourself wanting to uncover the interest you’ve kept so close and guarded, or you’ll seek some help working through the doubt to earn your way out of the problem you’re in now.

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