E33 – Fight for YOU and life, Katelyn Miller


Katelyn served her country. As a sailor, she took it upon herself to be responsible and look out for the service member to her right and left. As is true in life, someone tried to ruin that service and her life in an instant. No amount of attention or empathy could change what happened to her, but she used an encounter with another service member to fuel her focus on bettering herself. She won over depression, PTSD, and a sexual assault to earn the confidence back that someone tried to steal with their selfish and gutless action.

Listen to courage as she barrels forward. Helping service members recover from PTSD to be productive citizens, become healthier with fitness, and live a happier lifestyle. Katelyn continues to work in the fitness business, hopes to open a gym dedicated to those that can be healed from the inside out, much like the transformation that has led her to be the inspriation she is today.

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