E23 – Real Estate Nuggets Derek Murrell, Good Faith Home Buyers

Buckle up.

This one gets intense. Have you ever had someone steal from you?

Have you ever been punched in the mouth and you have to show your poker face?

Ever been lied to?

We’ll as business owners, real estate investors, dad and provider and a human being, Prior Marine Derek Murrell jumps into this story of perseverance, grit and determination to muslce through an incredibly dark time. This is one you’ll learn from, go up and down with the forks in the road and come out on the other side thankful for his attitude and experience of winning.

Truly a #dontbebeta story and ripe full of the #getsomewins mindset. You can find out more about Derek Murrell on Facebook, search Good Faith Home Buyers, LLC or him directly and on his website, www.goodfaithhomebuyers.com.

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