E22 – Four Weapon Safety Rules

You may know the safety rules for weapons. You may know some good principles to live your life by. You may even know what it’s like to have someone break one of those rules, or maybe you’ve broken one yourself. But, applying the rules to your life and understanding the x4 basic rules to your business, your life, or your career hasn’t been something you’ve considered before.

Remember, plenty to come here on Knucklehead Podcast including an upcoming guest who has coordinated one of the major Military Influencer conferences in the nation, a transistion specialist that helps veterans find their purpose with a long track record of results, and a review contest where some shirts are on the line. You can still redeem at the Echelon Front Muster a $300 discount by entering the code:


Go get yours today and start applying this principle in your life to reap the rewards of these principles. #dontbebeta #getsomewins

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