E16 – Navy Seal, Echelon Front Speaker and Overall badass JP Dinnell

Tough. Grit. Steadiness in the face of fear. Guys like JP Dinnell make you thankful you’re on the same team. Connecting with men of character, honor, and integrity you get a chance to listen to how and why they make decisions – understand why success follows closely behind at their footsteps. We dive into mistakes, leadership and principles that separate the men from the boys. Taking Ownership for your life, your decisions, #dontbebeta about the process. You’re going to fail, you will make mistakes, but you also will come out on the other side victorious after listening to this talk. Subscribe on iTunes and don’t miss another episode! Join the #dontbebeta movement by getting your shirt at knuckleheadpodcast.com/shop – #getsomewins

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