E12 – Self Discipline

Discipline is “Instant, willing, obedience to orders
Ability to do what needs to be done – for sake of improvement
Connection to discipline and your ego
Political slant towards mentally obese
Subcutaneous and visceral fat (is you mind that way?)
Step Dad beat my brothers and I – I’m commanded to still honor my mother, you must discipline yourself but sometimes it comes at a price – Using logic to justify your stance – or justify a wrong doing
Wrong habits – “by what standard”
Society uses them to enforce their agenda* WEAK – or do you take it upon yourself to change for the sake of your family
FEAR – false evidence appearing real, but is it really there? It sure feels like it
*human emotions – fear, sex and love ; sex and love are creative, but our nature is to over-indulge (we must discipline) same with fear, it will limit – ESPECIALLY when you farm your brain’s decision making capability off to someone else. That’s your fault.
@jocko willing – Easy path, not allows for strength and will, not accepting weakness
All accurate thought requires the co-operation with the facility of reason
Power of your words – FREEDOM to exercise discipline and will in your life
Relationships – how does this apply?
It applies when you do not exercise discipline or facilities you are FULLY CAPABLE of controlling, and sabotage relationships – Marines that I worked alongside (they felt like all I wanted to was to sell them something – it was because I did) People that I loved no longer, allowing over-indulgence in alcohol, sports, or other endeavors create distance that couldn’t be reconnected.

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